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Each package is priced per second, this includes 1 voice over, 1 script, and 1 finished video.

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Sale! Get Your Animated Marketing Video Discounted 50% Today


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Christopher Hugill // Project Manager Consultant

We first engaged Anthony to understand how his services could support our business within our digital marketing strategy. We were enthralled by his enthusiasm and drive for the content creation and how to make it successful for the business. Anthony made our whole end to end experience very easy to digest, offer feedback and amend where required. From the fantastic guided questionnaires to component reviews, which allowed us to ensure we were 100% happy to continue at every stage of the process. It was a pleasure to deal with Anthony throughout our project and I would very much recommend his services to all business owners out there, looking at video content as part of their marketing strategy in the future

Christian Jackson // E-commerce Consultant

Anthony's focus and determination to make my video was excellent. Him and his team are on a whole another level with the vision and quality of what I had in mind. I definitely will hire his company again for any animated video my company needs

Phillip Reeves // Education & Media Technician

Anthony’s professionalism, dedication and attention to detail allowed us to produce quality animated videos and educational content. Our great communication allowed us to bring my ideas to life and produce high quality content to enhance my client interaction. I highly recommend anyone looking for excellent animated content look no further than Anthony.

Phillip Horton // Project/ Change Manager

I engaged Anthony as part of a substantial organisational change program that required learning and communications to land successfully. The high quality content produced meant we could quickly and easily implement support materials to 1000's of impacted staff. The brief was clearly understood. I will be looking to use Anthony again in future work as he represented me and the business brand exceptionally well.

Deepak Singh  // Branding Consultant

Anthony provided me the exact solution I needed and it surely helped me and my business launch. Anthony and his team are best at gathering the requirements and following up. This makes them able to understand what we want and delivered as per our expectations. A great video for our marketing launch.

Sandhya Sunil // CEO

I was Privileged to collaborate with Anthony on multiple Client Projects and we found him as a Dedicated and Sincere Professional. His attention too detail was top notch. He brings value to the table and this encourages others to match up with his energy. His dream to create a world class organization will materialize someday for sure and we judged this based on his workstyle and Ethics

Winning Blueprint


Select your style of animated video under the heading Packages, select 'See all options' button #1


Make your selection of length & purchase product. #2


Find your 'Production Questionnaire' and complete online. #3


For Premium Custom videos: You are introduced to your project manager who will take you through script, storyboard, voice-over, and animation with a chance for unlimited revisions & feedback at each stage (8+ weeks).

For Explainer/Whiteboard videos: 
After completing your questionnaire we produce your video in a 'Done-For-You' manner with Script, Voice-over, and Animation (2+ Weeks). You may provide any direction in terms of messaging, scenes, and voice-over before we begin as well as make 2 free sets of revisions once we deliver your final video file. #4


We deliver your Mp4 video file in HD 1080p and provide any guidance necessary in it's distribution.

Our team will produce a video for yo
u that communicates your core message in a way that resonates and engages your audience to pay attention and take action even if it's complicated or abstract.

Sale! Get Your Animated Marketing Video Discounted 50% Today



Best For A Tight Budget, But Need A Quality Video Done-For-You Professionally, Fast.

What's Included

  • Converting Script
  • Powerful Voice-Over
  • Engaging Animation
  • 'Done-For-You' by the Experts
  • 2 X Scene Revisions Upon Delivery
  • Custom Graphics
  • Premium Animation Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Free Subtitled Version
  • Free Logo Animation
  • Free Custom Thumbnail


Best For A Bigger Budget, Hands-On Production, For The Highest Quality Output.

What's Included

  • Converting Script
  • Powerful Voice-Over
  • Engaging Animation
  • Component Review at Each Stage
  • Unlimited Revisions at Each Stage
  • Custom Graphics
  • Premium Animation Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Free Subtitled Version
  • Free Logo Animation
  • Free Custom Thumbnail

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