Our Story...

Where does the name come from? Win + Animate = Winimate Video

You’re going to see that we are a relatively new company with big goals in order to help us and our customers win, not just in business but in life and relationships that we build going forward.

In the road to W's is your fair share of L's and without these how do you know if you're really winning? Moreover how are you learning?

At Winimate our team have developed an efficient process and effective product built on customer feedback.

...But it wasn’t it wasn’t always like this...

Before starting Winimate Video I was your typical Realtor in my local town for 7 years! I really enjoyed my time there and met wonderful people and made lasting relationships. However, I felt there was more to life than my home town. So I looked in my savings, took a deep breath...and went for it. I left the company and went overseas to explore new terrain, meet new people, enthral myself into different cultures. 

It made me realise that it was a terrible shame to have to uproot my whole life if I wanted to replicate this amazing journey or if I wanted to stay longer than 2-3 weeks in a certain location. Is there a way I can manage my own time, be my own boss and take charge of the outcome of my life? I wanted to replicate my great working relationships I had in my confined hometown selling property and expand them to a global market helping businesses grow!

Before we embarked on this adventure started I was told it was a tall order to create high-quality video for less than $5000.

We believe we've found our winning formula that allows us to keep costs low and quality high so we can offer affordable prices at a sustainable margin.

And that’s why we're here with this product today.

For any business with an online presence, dissatisfied with current results. Our product is quality marketing video production at an affordable price.

Anthony Perkin

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